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HP MediaSmart crashing to desktop when attempting Bluray playback

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Hello all,
I've been trying to get the movie Coraline to play in an HP Envy 17 1181nr to no luck. MediaSmart DVD reads the menu, then the FBI warnings, then the Universal intro in all Universal movies - and then crashes to the desktop.
By the way, it's the only bluray movie I've tried on a brand new system (the computer is days old), and it's the only one I have handy at the moment.
The error I get in MediaSmart says:
HP DVD Smart Main has stopped working. A problem caused this program to stop working. Windows is checking for a solution... etc. (close program dialog box).
I tried installing PowerDVD 10, and had the exact same error: a crash to the desktop, this time, with no error message.
Any ideas as to what might be causing this?
Thanks for the help and the time dedicated to these issues.
Also: just an observation, but I read somewhere on this board that some movies just don't play (like Spiderman 3). Is that true, and if it is, why? Shouldn't a player simply play?
EDIT: I read here: about a possible issue with Windows 7 update KB234886 and MediaSmart DVD failure. I checked for installed updates and I have it on my system. Should I uninstall it?
From what I read, this is a security update for the Server service. Also, I do not have Comodo firewall installed.
EDIT2: Doing more research, I find it's definately some incompatibility or problem with Cyberlink's software, as I can open the .m2t files in VLC player just fine.

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Hi again,
Thanks for the links.  It does seem that Cyberlinks Blu ray software is very sensitive to other software and drivers that may be on the PC and the list of things that break its functionality is ever-growing.  Why this should be, when other companies such as ArcSoft seem to be able to produce Blu ray software that just works would seem to indicate that the Cyberlink software is just not very well written.
Regarding your issue with MediaSmart DVD, the next thing that may be worth trying is uninstalling and then reinstalling the graphics driver for you PC, which is on the link below.
Save this file to your Desktop and run the installer by right clicking it and selecting 'Run as Administrator'.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
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