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HP compaq elite 8300 Display port options

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I can't get picture from HP compaq elite 8300 minitower DisplayPort at all. I have only adapter DP -> DVI, and DVI - DVI cable between HP LP2465 monitor, because there is only DVI inputs. I think, that Elite 8300 give only VGA- signal...
shall I get and try DP -> VGA adapter, and then VGA - DVI cable (my monitor can take VGA signal through DVI port)?
VGA port work for me with VGA-DVI cable, but need 2 monitor. I have Intel® Core™ i5-3570 Processor in my mobo... Aclac
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OKAY... my mistake. When I done some researching, I got the point to my broblem. HP compaq elite 8300 minitower manuals have complicated told and hard to find how, and what signal each video port send an my minitower. I find out that, DP port send digital, and VGA send analog. My monitor ports are both DVI, but only first can handle digital signal, and I tried port 2... of cource! I change DVI connection to port 1 and voila', I got picture. - Aclac