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How using ABAP function in fox formula ?

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
I want to launch standard function :"RSW_CURRENCY_TRANSLATION" by Fox formula. I declare this function in SAP Table :rsplf_fdir, and I can call this function by fox, with all parameters.
But when I want to use it, I've a problem with the first parameter : "Formula error: Type RSR_CTTNM is not permitted"
What's the solution ?
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Hi Cyril,
I read the fact that you have chosen to use CURC instead of the Function Module.
Did you fix your exchange rate type in your CURC formula: For example:
Or did you make into a variable, that can be chosen at run time?
I'm asking because I'm trying to make the 'exchange rate type' in this formula to be more dynamic (like a local variable).For example:
But the system returns the error meesage that it doesn't recognise 'EXRATE_V' even though i have declared it earlier on. So I have a fear that the system is expecting me to enter a fixed exchnage rate type that exists in RSCUR, in this formula..!!  Is that true??
I don't want it to be fixed in the formula, it should be chosen at time of planning. How do you have yours right now? Do you know why I get this error message, and what I need to do to in the FOX formula, to make sure it can be populated at run time?
Thanks for your help and information in advance.
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