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How to use tabular records ?

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Below are the steps I want to :
1) retrieve data from a table
2) put these data into a mutiple records, It is a tabular records designed by the data block wizard.
3) modify data
4) save data into another table

The Best Answer

I don't think the previous post would actually work, or at least it would be really difficult to implement.
One way would be to base your table off a package, ref cursor tables etc and write the data to the other table on insert and update.
You have to decide how you want to handle delete, both tables or whatever.
You could also create a DB trigger.
Why are you doing this though? I doubt seriously there is any need. If you trying to "version" the changes you could do a recursive relationship wih a date stamp as the FK. Or just flag the column as old and select not nulls, date stamp would still be a good thing though in case you want to review history.
Hope this helps
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