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How to use lodercli for export import

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I want to migrate my content server data  , that is on SAPDB version 7.3 (32 bit)  to new server with MAX DB 7.6. (64 bit) .
I wanted to know:
1)  how to do export an d import using lodercli. i wanted to use loder of my new server i.e. MAXDB loder to do the export immport. Can any one tell me the steps and the command to do this ?
2) I have refered SAP note 962019, but need some more help on the steps that is given in this note for hetrageneous copy.
Note : i dont have any SAP system on the server i have only content server and hence i dont have user SAPR3 on database.

The Best Answer

> Please check the following (point 7) in note 962019:
> 7. The procedure described in this note supports the following migrations:
> and I am dealing with the same situation hence choose the export import rather than normal backup recovery.
Well. it says: the procedure supports these migrations, which is true.
It does not say: "please do use the export/import migration in these situations".
Please do read the note point 1 where it says;
"Homogeneous system copies (backup/recovery) can be executed only in
systems that fulfill  the following conditions:
a) The database versions in the source system and the target system
    do not differ.
b) The processor uses the same byte sorting sequence (Little Endian
    -> Little Endian; Big Endian -> Big Endian).
*If the specified operating system prerequisites are met in the
source and target system, you MUST use the homogeneous system copy
and not the heterogeneous system copy.*"
So in your case export import is not even supported!
> 2) I know the Cs 6.10 is out of support and it need to upgrade to new CS version that is 6.4 , but if i am already installing the new server for content server with CS 6.4 and MAXDB 7.6 why then why cant i use the export import from older server to new server??
> Other wise i need to upgrade the MAXDB then upgrade CS and then take the backup and restore, isnt it more logivcal to do export import using loder as we have all prerequisites available??
1. you don't meet the prerquesites (see above) - you can use backup/restore, so you have to !
2. export/import is a terribly slow and clumsy procedure
3. backup/restore is a easy, safe and fast method to perform the system copy
If you still really, really want to stick with export/import, feel free to try it out.
The note contain all required steps and the documentation for MaxDB even includes tutorials for the loader.
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