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How to start with id or ps? i joined cc after test session

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i apologize for my bad english, i'm german and in a hurry and i can't find any german support number or chat... I need help with starting photoshop and indesign. i tried the test versions for the last 30 days. now i like to go on working. after joining this morning the cc with a 12month membership it's still not possible to start ps neither id. i get the note: test session over. downloading it once more with the app manager doesn't work neither. i get the note: already installed, actual version...
what to do?? thank you

The Best Answer

Please try the following:
1) Quit all Adobe apps.
2) Launch/Open Adobe Creative Cloud App
3) Go to Preference > Account and choose 'Sign out form Creative Cloud'
4) Sign out and then sign in again
5) Try Launching Photoshop/Indesign now.
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