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How to set ALV properties?

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I have some difficulties with an ALV grid report.
The program is too difficult for using the alv refresh method then we use the submit method to the program.
Using the submmit method users will lost their layout (filters,...). I found a FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_LAYOUT_INFO_GET which return all the properties of an ALV.
All this informations are sent in memory using export to memory. The informations are well returned.
I create the event END_OF_LIST in which I call the FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_LAYOUT_INFO_SET after importing the ALV properties. But no change on the ALV have been done... (no filter...)
Must i use an other event or an other FM?
   CLEAR    :  ws_layout,
   REFRESH  :  wt_fieldcat,
   IMPORT ws_layout = ws_layout FROM MEMORY ID 'ZLAYOUT'.
   CHECK sy-subrc EQ 0.
   IMPORT wt_fieldcat = wt_fieldcat FROM MEMORY ID 'ZFIELDCAT'.
   IMPORT wt_fieldcat_backend = wt_fieldcat_backend
   CLEAR  gs_layout.
   gs_layout  =  ws_layout.
       is_layout      = gs_layout
       it_fieldcat    = wt_fieldcat
       it_sort        = wt_sort
       it_filter      = wt_filter
       is_grid_scroll = ws_grid_scroll
       is_print       = ws_print.

The Best Answer

the post you indicates to me is the good way to refresh an ALV but this not my case. We can not use the good way that is the problem.
The way you put me in is not so wrong!
I try to use an event with a sy-ucomm and refresh the ALV with the rs_selfield-refresh = 'X' and its worksssssssss.
The the question now how to refresh an ALV by this way:
EVENT sy-ucomm.
form f_command_alv using fip_ucomm
                           fip_selfield type kkblo_selfield.
   case fip_ucomm.
     when 'ZREFRESH'.
       perform f_refresh.
     when 'TEST'.
       perform f_set_alv using rs_selfield.
form end_of_list.
    PERFORM f_set_alv.
endform.                    "end_of_list
The difficulty is how to set rs_selfield-refresh to X in the second case or another way to refresh!
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