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How to reset firefox profile if it crashes on start (also safe mode)

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I need to know how to make Firefox do a profile reset when it crashes on start even in safe mode. It starts fine with a new profile.
I had this before today, and then after the 3rd crash report send, a popup offered me a solution to reset my profile while retaining the most important settings. I tried that option and it worked. But I could no longer sync my password with the new sync because of a master password set. I find this a show stopper, so I did a profile restore (mozbackup), I wish I didn't have.
I now have the same problem again with Firefox crashing, but it no longer offers the popup with a solution by trying safe mode (i did manually doesn't work) or resettting the profile.
I need to know a command line switch the make Firefox reset the profile while retaining the important data or how to force it show the pop-up.
Thanks a lot, I'm really pulling my hair out over this and need my Firefox experience back!
Thank you

The Best Answer

Note that a profile created via a reset still can carry over issues because some data is recovered automatically.
If you use the Profile Manager then you get a completely clean profile and if that works then you can copy files yourself to the new profile or possibly try to identify what is wrong and repair your previous profile.
You only see button to Reset Firefox on the "Help > Troubleshooting Information" page and in the Safe Mode startup window if you use the profile that is marked as Default=1 in the profiles.ini file (Profile Manager).
If you do not have the "Reset" button then either use the Profile Manager to create a new profile or use the Profile Manager to start with the current default profile to get the Reset button in Firefox.