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How to remove all standard SOAP content  like Content-ID:, Content-Description

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Hi ,
can you please let  me know how to remove standard SOAP content from messages
I am  posting  below text file via SOAP adapter:
POST /hapld/tos/kdwhapltos HTTP/1.1
Content-type: multipart/mixed; boundary=BOUNDARY
Content-length: 719
CA12345       *qweru* wefgh*
But   below content automatically  added into a  messages even I am using don’t  use SOAP envelop ,I don't want to keep all below information in my messages content  
Content-ID:<[email protected]>
Content-Type:text/xml; charset=utf-8
Content-Disposition:attachment;filename="[email protected]"
<SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP=''><SOAP:Header><sap:Main xmlns:sap=''
versionMajor='3' versionMinor='1' SOAP:mustUnderstand='1'>
<sap:Sender><sap:Party agency='' scheme='XIParty'></sap:Party><sap:Service>DE2CLNT200</sap:Service></sap:Sender>
<sap:Receiver><sap:Party agency='' scheme='XIParty'>UPS</sap:Party><sap:Service>PLD</sap:Service></sap:Receiver><sap:Interface namespace=''>UPSPLD_In_A</sap:Interface></sap:Main><sap:ReliableMessaging xmlns:sap='' SOAP:mustUnderstand='1'><sap:QualityOfService>ExactlyOnce</sap:QualityOfService></sap:ReliableMessaging><sap:System xmlns:sap='' SOAP:mustUnderstand='1'><sap:Record namespace='' name='interfaceDeterminationGUID'>69e207999d7a11e3c20e00000086498b</sap:Record><sap:Record namespace='' name='syncTimeout'>1200000</sap:Record><sap:Record namespace='' name='senderAgreementGUID'>204a48791a5c30188698c82c7a5ac51f</sap:Record></sap:System><sap:DynamicConfiguration xmlns:sap='' SOAP:mustUnderstand='1'><sap:Record namespace='' name='InterfaceDeterminationHash'>76ffb8570fb621f090b46490ec701f6a</sap:Record><sap:Record namespace='' name='senderAgreementGUID'>204a48791a5c30188698c82c7a5ac51f</sap:Record></sap:DynamicConfiguration><sap:HopList xmlns:sap='' SOAP:mustUnderstand='1'><sap:Hop timeStamp='2014-02-24T17:38:17Z' wasRead='false'><sap:Engine type='AE'>af.di3.ch00vdi3s</sap:Engine><sap:Adapter namespace=''>XIRA</sap:Adapter><sap:MessageId>72232e3c-9d7a-11e3-a92f-00000086498a</sap:MessageId></sap:Hop><sap:Hop timeStamp='2014-02-24T17:38:18Z' wasRead='false'><sap:Engine type='AE'>af.di3.ch00vdi3s</sap:Engine><sap:Adapter namespace=''>XIRA</sap:Adapter><sap:MessageId>729468d1-9d7a-11e3-8cb7-00000086498a</sap:MessageId></sap:Hop></sap:HopList></SOAP:Header><SOAP:Body><sap:Manifest xmlns:sap='' xmlns:xlink=''><sap:Payload xlink:type='simple' xlink:href='cid:payload-7247d2779d7a11e38d[email protected]'><sap:Name>MainDocument</sap:Name><sap:Type>Application</sap:Type></sap:Payload></sap:Manifest></SOAP:Body></SOAP:Envelope>Content-ID:<[email protected]>
Content-Type:multipart/mixed; boundary=BOUNDARY

The Best Answer

Hello Amit
I have tried that option but  main problem is that I don’t want  below content that generated By XI after SOAP Envelope,  is it any way to remove below content
Content-ID:<[email protected]>
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