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How to move further from Core JAVA.

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I have studied Core JAVA upto multithreading.
And currently as S/w Quality Engineer, I am working on JUnit Tests in Spring Framework from last 2 months.
Now, I want to switch into development, and for the same I want to learn more in JAVA.
Please advice what more I need to learn to make myself proficient in JAVA so as that I can switch to development.
Thanks !

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I'm surprised by statement in the OP:
as S/w Quality Engineer, I am working on JUnit Tests in Spring FrameworkBut even more by this answer:
if you can push yourself to a professional level in the department of testing (creating and executing test plans, writing proper unit tests, doing test driven development, ...).I'm not disagreeing, just wondering: I have never met a professional "tester" that used jUnit. The testers I've met in organizations, even when they were were technical (usually graduated from programming to testing), had a mostly functional concern: check that a functionality works as expected. Creating and executing test plans, while an invaluable skill, is rarely matching the same job description as "writing unit tests".
Even integration testing, which requires development for injectors, simulators, etc... is not always (and I would say, rarely) amenable to using jUnit.
I seem to understand the OP means in-container automated tests. I understand how they can be referred to as integration tests (*not* unit-tests).
I have met (and been) developers who test their software, including at an integration or functional level, using jUnit or not, but they were "developers" who had acknowledged the importance of testing (conscientious developers, that is), not "testers" using jUnit as one of their tools.
One thing I can understand to justify a specific team writing in-container testing as those described, is an integration team integrating modules developed by several teams. Even then, I would call people in such a team developers, not testers.
Again I'm not disagreeing, just surprised: could you both comment on your experience as to how unit-testing can be a tester's concern as opposed to a developer's concern?
Are you working in organizations where full-time people in a QA team are devoted to write unit-tests or jUnit tests over code produced by other full-time people?
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Yeah, "+invaluable+ skill", not unvaluable, thanks Andrew :o)
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