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How to manage multiple locations for Item (Management warehouse locations)

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Is there any way, with UDF and Formated Search, to manage multiple locations for Item in the same warehouse
I must have several (at least 2) locations for the item in the Warehouse and that  i enter in goods receipt and have track of this location and search possibilities at sales order by item and WHS.
read carefully and imagine how (Management warehouse locations)
I added a user table '@Location' who linked to a user field 'U_Location in Item master data --> lnventory data line and an ather user field 'U_Location' in sales order
I met the value of location in the table (list of locations for any warehouse), I select the location of each item while receiving merchandise in the user field of inventory data line (Item M data) and this value appears in the sales order 'U_Location' user field ( only the location value in the default warehouse for this Item)
create an user field 'location' in Good receipt PO to fill it while receiving merchandise that appears in the sales order to give possibility to find/select the location of the item at this order and in Item master data
I think we will use all these tables and there is a relationship between all.
a piece of code has been proposed, but it is not so simple
SELECT T0.U_Location FROM [dbo].[OITM] T0 WHERE T0.ItemCode = $[$38.1.0]

The Best Answer

I believe you are talking about defining BIN's (locations) within a Warehouse.
This is quite possible and has been explained / discussed on this Forum a few times in the past.  Though I am completely clear on how you would like to implement this I could give you some guidelines..
Creating a @location UDT is correct to maintain list of warehouse locations
UDF in Items - Warehouses (Item Master ..Inventory Data Tab..Rows)
UDF in Marketing Document Rows (When you add a UDF here U_Location then this will available in all marketing documents, both AR and AP)
You will define a location for an Item in the Item Master....
In the can use FMS to list the location/s for the Item being received from the Item Master and the User can Select it.
In the Sales Order, you can select the location from which the Item could be picked..
Let me know if your process / ideas are different