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How to handle the java.policy file ?

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Can somebody tell me how to handle the java.policy file?
I always get and while connecting to an appserver from an applet.
What do I have to write in the java.policy file, where do I have to place it and do I have to call it in some way form my applet?
Thanks in advance.
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The Best Answer

The java.policy file goes in your jre installation directory in .../jre/lib/security (there should be one there already).
I used it to allow otherwise restricted permissions for an applet using javax.comm. Add something like the following to the file:
grant codeBase "URL:http://yourDomainName/rootDirectoryOfYourApp/*" {
This will give the applet downloaded from your site all permissions. You might want to give only certain permissions, I don't know.
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