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How to get the long text into text area

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save_text is working fine .
Now I want to display the text in text area .
am using read_text fm for this and data is coming into the internal table of the function module.
how shd I display that long text into text area and that text shld appear has display mode only and how shd I make all other fields in my subscreen as display mode.
Pls guide me its urgent.

The Best Answer

check this.
Long Texts are stored in tables
STXH - header
STXL - details.
if you want to read the texts you can use Fun Module  READ_TEXT
Any Application document Header and Item Long texts are stored in STXH table with the 4 parameters OBJECT,ID,NAME and LANG
These texts are fetched from database using READ_TEXT fun module by passing the above 4 parameters.
Double click on the text, from the text editor menu GOTO-> HEDAER
you will find the all above 4 parameters
so accordingly you have to pass to the fun module READ_TEXT to fetch the texts.
Re: upload longtext from excel file  
REPORT  zupload_excel_to_itab.
TYPE-POOLS: truxs.
PARAMETERS: p_file TYPE  rlgrap-filename.
TYPES: BEGIN OF t_datatab,
      col1(30)    TYPE c,
      col2(30)    TYPE c,
      col3(30)    TYPE c,
      END OF t_datatab.
DATA: it_datatab type standard table of t_datatab,
      wa_datatab type t_datatab.
DATA: it_raw TYPE truxs_t_text_data.
At selection screen
      field_name = 'P_FILE'
      file_name  = p_file.
    I_FIELD_SEPERATOR        =
      i_line_header            =  'X'
      i_tab_raw_data           =  it_raw       " WORK TABLE
      i_filename               =  p_file
      i_tab_converted_data     = it_datatab[]    "ACTUAL DATA
      conversion_failed        = 1
      OTHERS                   = 2.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
            WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
  LOOP AT it_datatab INTO wa_datatab.
    WRITE:/ wa_datatab-col1,
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