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How to find gaps(on 10.2)

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Input Data -
date from to
20.04.2009 5001 5006
20.04.2009 5820 5823
21.04.2009 3121 3124
Required Output -
date gaps
20.04.2009 5002
20.04.2009 5003
20.04.2009 5004
20.04.2009 5005
20.04.2009 5821
20.04.2009 5822
21.04.2009 3122
21.04.2009 3123

The Best Answer

Join your table to a counter table, that has all the integers from 1 to (to_val - from_val):
WITH     cntr     AS
(     -- Begin counter table
     SELECT     LEVEL     AS n
     FROM     dual
     CONNECT BY     LEVEL < = (          -- Begin scalar sub-query to find biggest from-to difference
                                SELECT  MAX (to_val - from_val)
                          FROM    table_x
                            )          -- End scalar sub-query to find biggest from-to difference
                      - 1
)     -- end counter table
SELECT    x.dt
,       x.from_val + c.n     AS gaps
FROM       table_x        x
JOIN       cntr        c     ON c.n < x.to_val - x.from_val
ORDER BY  x.dt
,            c.n;
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