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How to create process variant in process chain

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What is a process variant? i try to add Infocube compression to the fi process chain. To accomplish this task, i have to create process variant. please tell me the step by step process how to create process variant and successfully add the compression to the process chain. Can i do it directly in production? Thanks to SDN community that i can count on.

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Hi Rafi,
<b>Process variants</b>
The process variant is the name of the process Within the process chain context, it displays the configuration of a process of a particular type set at the time of definition. A variant is only consistently defined together with the process type. A process can have various variants. With the load process for example, the name of the InfoPackage is the name of the process variant.
The user defines the process variant at the time when the process is scheduled. With some process types, the variants are determined internally and are stored as GUIDs.
For more info:
Process Chains
Including InfoCubes in Process Chains
   You can create process chains directly in Production. Most of the times system allows(depends on system settings). But this is not a proper way of working. Create in Development and transport it to Production.
Hope it Helps
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