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How to create a new System Data

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Hi guys.
I need to create a new System Data with which to filter a list output using a field derivated from siebel marketing. This data isn't between the standard system data like CampaingCode, SegmentId .....
Now i discover one .XML file (someting like Marketing....xml), in the OracleBIData/web/config directory, in which there are defined all the standard System data like:
Can I try to modify this file and add a new system data? if the answere is YES, hao i can do this? My real problem is how take a system value, from siebel marketing, to assign at this new systme data.
Thanks in advance
Best reguards

The Best Answer

thanks for your solution,
i created a new Data carrier type AC for viewing auto cad files and given the path as, C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2006\acad.exe"
and at Define serveres and files or folders,
defined the data carrier as Autocad type was default as AC,
at Identify frontend computers i could not enter any thing it is only in display form and no values were there and niether could be entered.
and my datacarrier created is not there to be selected while creating documents.
through CV01N create documents.
i suppose this is because i have already defaulted PC as the data carrier type. default system as my data carrier.
please clarify my Below douts also
as in my configuration i have defined only one Datacarrier ie Default PC, will this do all the need full, or will lead to to any complication in any aspect,
i want to know what is the Advantages of defining many datacarriers or the Limitation of a single Datacarrier.
iam facing a situation where a particular software say PDF reader or AutoCAD, is not installed in all the System. and iam thinking of installing this Software in a particular System or say in the Content Server system.
can this software be made used to view these cad and Pdf files on the front end system where this software is not installed,
Say in a particular PC the software AutoCAD is not installed and if he wants to View the AutoCAD file,
another problem iam facing is
while Creating a New AutoCAD file in my system through DMS Create, it gives a message "Drawing file is not Valid"
while i can create a Word Doc File, but it is not possible to create a new AutoCAD file throuh DMS, (AutoCAD is Installed in my system)
also i have no idea of how to create a New Data carrier type,
what exactly have to be filled in
1, define data carrier type
2, define server and files or folder
3, identify frontend computers
please provide configuration details or if possible screen shot details
points will be awarded for sure.
Thanks and Regards
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