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How to Close a Purchase Order line Item for GRN W/O Deleting the Line Item

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I want to Close a line item for Goods Receipt in a Purchase Order. How Do I do this?
My Requirement is that the system should not allow for Goods Receipt for the Line Item.
I know of 2 options which are difficult to Implement.
1) I delete the Line item
2) Put the delivery Completed Indicator - For this the system still allows for GR
any Other way of Closing the line Item

The Best Answer

Hi, you can close the Line item by, doing partial GRPO, i.e if u use the Copy From option in GRPO, there comes a Draw docuemnt wizard, there you can choose one line item, and then put GRPO for that line item,
The Wizard comes only in the Copy From option,
Close the Line item, by right clicking on that Line item and then 'close Row'
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