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How to change bill to and payer for an internet order

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Hello Gurus,
I have an issue. I am trying to change the bill to and payer assigned to Internet order through the partner determination procedure.
The scenario is when we create an internet order on the basis of sold to payer and bill to are selected. But the user has option to change the bill to and payer if there are many other maintained before saving the order.
to do that i am calling the crm_order_maintain function module. I am preparing the partner tables and input fields
In the input fields i am passing display type , kind_of_entry, no_type ,partner_no, partner_fct and relation partner.
Apart from these fields I am passing the reference guid, ref_kind and objectname.
t_field_names-ref_guid    = '4BB334EA8B0C24B6E10000000A02B02D'."wa_extension-ref_guid.
t_field_names-ref_kind    = 'A'.
t_field_names-objectname  = 'PARTNER'.
t_field_names-logical_key = '0000000000031000000060      BPBP'.
INSERT t_field_names INTO TABLE t_input_fields.
With this I am not able to save the order with new bill to and payer. Am I missing something ?

The Best Answer

Hi Sohit,
I've the same requirement of picking one of the Bill-To from the dropdown on viewOrder.jsp
Well for maintaining the Ship-To SAP has given a a standard Action class : MaintainShipToAction.
and the method in the SalesDocument class to add new ShipTo but nothing for billTo.
I'm looking for a different approach to handle this problem, incase you find any solution then please share it with us.
Best regards