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How To Add Folders and Sub Folders

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I am brand new (1 week) to my new Mac (iMac). In my Windows-based PC I used to have, for example, a folder named PHOTOS followed by sub folders designating certain categories that work for me, such as, "Family", "Vacations" etc, and I would make sure that all my uploads from my camers went to the appropriate folder.
I would like to accomplish the same thing in my Mac, but have no idea how to go about it. I do not even know how to create such folders and sub folders.
Is someone out there who can help, please?

The Best Answer

In the Finder: File -> New Folder creates a new Folder. To nest a folder inside another one then simply drag the second one to the first.
But if you're trying to organise your photos, there's a much better way to do that on your Mac. Check out iPhoto It's a photo manager that's integrated throughout the Operating System. It's much, much more flexible than a bunch of folders in the Finder. You can keyword your pics, populate Smart Albums automatically, rate and edit your pics, all via iPhoto.
You can find out more here:
there are some tutorials here
and a good forum here:
My best advice is to explore the app by dragging in maybe 100 pics and testing things out, gettting the hang of it. It's miles better than a folder hierarchy.
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