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How to add a LLB as a file to a project?

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I will add a LLB as a file to a project.
If I add the LLB into the project explorer the LLB will be include as a folder and not as a file.
I found the following description on the NI homepage:
You also can add an LLB to a project as a file. If you add an LLB as a file, the VIs in the LLB do not appear in the Project Explorer window.
Right-click the target or a folder under the target, select Add File from the shortcut menu, and use the file dialog box to navigate to the LLB you want to add.
Select the open folder icon labeled VI with a single period to the right and click the Select button.
But when I navigate to the LLB, I don't have an icon labeled VI.
Have anybody an idea or can check this please?

The Best Answer

So Sacha, you should probably add a vi inside the llb and then manually edit the .lvproj file..... (or wait until the not too distant future, is the not too distant past)
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