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How do you determine the duration of the project?

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I want to know the duration of each project that I've
created. When I open the project, there is an information section
that tells me the size of the project, the time, the resolution,
number of slides, etc. It is telling me that this project is 5
minutes and 30 seconds. When I click on advanced audio, it lists
the time length of each slide. When I add those numbers up, the
presentation is over 11 minutes. Which one is correct. What is the
best way to find out the length of a project?

The Best Answer

Hi Brock22
I think I'd lean toward using what you see in the information
Consider this:
What you see in the advanced audio part is showing all audio
used in the .CP file. this means background audio (which normally
plays at the same time as other audio) as well as object level
audio (if you decide to show object level audio by clicking the
proper check box). And object level audio plays at the same time as
slide and background audio.
Hopefully this helps... Rick