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How do  we check the check box items based on the databse fields.

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Hi All,
I have a requirement like as mentioned below#
1. I have a combox box whcih i will be populated from database.
2. I have created two check box as "Stategric " and "Non Stategric".
3. Now when i select the combox box condition i need to select the check box items.
4. But the problem is i wil be knowing weather it is a stategric or Non stategirc based on the database column.
5. How do i need to map the database point of view and correlacte with javascript pont of view.
6. Do we need to write any Application process to achieve this task and who we can do that.

The Best Answer

Hi VC,
As per my understanding the code should be placed between --.
Based on this i have placed the code
function setCheckbox(pThis, pItem){
    var l_code = '';
    // Get checkbox name
    rName = document.getElementsById('P1_ENG_BAU');
alert("The value is"+rName);
    // Fire AJAX
    var get = new htmldb_Get(null,html_GetElement('pFlowId').value,'APPLICATION_PROCESS=CHECKBOX_LIST',0);
    gReturn = get.get('XML');
    if (gReturn) {
      var values = gReturn.getElementsByTagName('value');
      var messages = gReturn.getElementsByTagName('message');
      // Build the checkbox
      for (i=0; i<values.length; i++) {
        var rValue = values.firstChild.nodeValue;
var rMessage = messages[i].firstChild.nodeValue;
l_code+='<input id='+P1_ENG_BAU+'_'+i+' type=checkbox value='+rValue+' name='+rName+'>';
l_code+='<label for='+P1_ENG_BAU+'_'+i+'>'+rMessage+'</label>
document.getElementsById('P1_ENG_BAU').innerHTML = l_code;
Correct me if iam understanding is wrong.
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