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How do I start up an iMac G4 on an external Firewire hard drive using Tige?

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How do I start up using Tiger from an external Firewire hard drive? I have a 1 GHz iMac G4 with 768 MB RAM. The hard drive failed last week. I don't want to buy and install a new hard drive for the iMac G4. I have access to an Intel based iBook and a brand new copy of OS X 10.5 (Tiger) which I can use to install the copy of Tiger on an external Firewire hard drive that I have that's not being used. What are the steps for installing Tiger on the external Firewire hard drive and then using that external drive as the startup disk for the iMac G4?

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Attach the external firewire drive to the iBook, launch Disk Utility and erase the drive use Mac OS Extended as the format type. Insert the Installer Disk, restart the iBook and hold down the 'C' key. Progress through the usual setup assistant prompts until you get to the point where you select the destination disk. You should see the external firewire disk. Select this and carry on with the installation. When the install is done, restart the iBook and verify you can boot from the drive. You can proceed with the Setup Assistant and create the default User Admin account if you want, or you can quit, shut down the iBook and disconnect the drive.
Next attach the drive to your iMac, switch on your iMac. The mac should find for itself the first bootable system it 'senses'. It should boot thereafter. You could forego this and simply attach the drive, boot the iMac and hold down the alt key. This should bring up startup disk manager which should show any or all valid bootable systems. Select the one you want and click the right hand arrow.