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How do I share iCal Address book between two iPhones?

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I have 2 iPhone 4S and currently 1 iCloud & iTunes accts.
What I want to be able to do is share the address book, notes, iCal, reminders between the two phones so if i enter a phone #, email &/or event it is visible on both phones, imac @ home & on icloud.
Do I need an 2nd iCloud acct for her?
Also for apps, music, etc would I have to purchase twice for each phone?

The Best Answer

Thanks so much for your detailed reply.  Much appreciated!
Just to confirm my understanding that 100% clear on the solution, if my wife gets her own iCloud account, on her phone she'll receive her own emails & iMessages (makes sense) but not contacts.  Calendars though we could share.
Without two separate iCloud accts though -- iCloud on my phone, and her email through Gmail on her phone -- we could share all the common iCloud data (contacts, calendar, notes, reminders, etc.) by enabling the appropriate settings on her phone.
Am I correct to conclude then that the sole benefit of her adding own iCloud acct is email through iCloud (and I guess the free 5GB)?  It would not be possible to simply and easily have one common 'family' address book (i.e. since while Calendars are share-able, contact libraries are not)?