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How do I set-up my TV as a dual monitor for my MacBook Pro?

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I have a mid-2009 MacBook Pro running (OS X 10.8.2) Mountain Lion, and recently I rearranged my home workspace so that I can view my TV from my desk while I work.
I would like to set-up my TV as a dual monitor for my MacBook Pro, so I can stream videos on my TV screen and have the whole screen to do work on my MacBook Pro at the same time.
Is this possible? I've seen people use TVs as a mirror display (where it works as their main and only monitor), but never as a fully operational dual display.
As an example, I would like to have my MacBook screen showing a desktop with the whole screen devoted to Photoshop, while I have another desktop running on my TV, which shows an internet browser or other application.
If this is possible, what cords/hardware would I need, and what are the settings that will enable me to do this?
- My TV is a modern flatscreen LCD, and it has two HDMI ports in the back.
- It's about 9-10 feet from my desk.
If anyone could help, that'd be awesome!

The Best Answer

Yes, you can do that.
You'll need a mini displayport to HDMI adaptor: udio-support
and an HDMI cable long enough to reach your TV
(look on Amazon or Monoprice for the best price on any of those parts)
In your display options, you will just choose extended desktop vs mirrored display.
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