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How Do I Pin A Tile To My New Tab Page, Instructions On Here Do Not Work.

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These new FF updates are going to drive me to drink. It's a simple question, one would think, yet I cannot find the answer. FF29 has "tiles", I suppose they are called, when you click on "new tab page". At one point, I had them all on, I don't remember.
Now, my "tiles" are disappearing. I have changed NOTHING. How do I re-add the websites I want to those tiles?
Before someone gives me the generic answer with the link, I will tell you that I already went to this link:
Those instructions do not work. I do not have any little pin in those squares. When I go to a website that I usually go to, the only option I get is "Pin Tab" but that only adds a tab at the top of the browser window, it does NOT add it to the tiles, like I want.
I've tried the "Show All Bookmarks" route, and tried to drag the bookmark to a tile, it does NOT work.
There are 9 tiles. If I want to change them around, or re-add the 4 that have mysteriously disappeared today, HOW do I do that? Again, those blank tiles do NOT show a "pin" anywhere. They were set up, then they started to disappear. Again, I've changed NOTHING. It should not be this difficult to add a website to my tiles on my new tab page.

The Best Answer

What troubleshooting information would you like. I posed a question, you tell me what you would like to see.
I know how to open my about:config, this isn't my first time on the internet.
You said: "You can check the browser.newtab.url pref on the about:config page to see if it still has the default about:newtab value."
Yes, it does. What else would you like to know so that this can be fixed?
I also stated in my very first post that the link you just linked to, (that I also linked to so everyone was aware of what link I'm talking about), I already tried and it doesn't work. Do you guys even read what we put up or do you just hand out random, generic answers?