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How do i install a free osx or operating system on my macbook pro 2008?

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Hey so the go is i have a macbook pro 2008 i love it too bits but for some reason my screen flickers all the time but ill just have to deal with it. Secondly i cant install any operating systems because i dont have a mac to download osx from or mountain lion. And when i go to download it directly from my macbook pro it says i need to buy it :/ or i dont have the licence i cant remember but i just want it working whoever can help me i would much appreciate!! thankyou for reading this and also ps my screen when im on the net on it in the safari osx menu it intermittly spazzes and all the url bars keep clicking etc i dont know what the problem is but i would appreciate some advice or help! it is a good machiene quiet no damage looked after just got it given to me from a family member but i have had no luck so far

The Best Answer

if by “free” you mean “gratis” (as opposed to, say, “open source”), then there’s only one version of OS X to date that’s gratis, namely Mavericks. You can only download Mavericks if you currently have Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later installed. If you’re still running Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5.something) on your 2008 MacBook Pro, then you’ll need to first purchase the white retail Snow Leopard DVD, install it on your MacBook Pro, and run Software Update to get it to 10.6.8, after which you can download Mavericks gratis from the Mac App Store and install that. Be sure that your MacBook Pro meets all of Mavericks’ system requirements before trying to install it. If you currently run any PowerPC apps, note that they won’t be supported in any version of OS X after Snow Leopard.