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How do i get a refund from the apple store?

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how do i get a refund from the apple store. I hate the Final Cut Pro. I tried to contact costumer service and all it does is send me in circles

The Best Answer

You need to let go of everything you ever knew about using editing software and look at few tutorials. After years of using Final Cut Express, I looked at FCPX and didn't understand it at all, but a few months later I finally decided to give it a second try knowing that it is an entirely different animal, and that I would have to start from scratch. I bought it, read a few tutorials, explored the menus, panes, functions, read this forum extensively, then tackled my first project. It took some diligence and patience, but I got it and I will never look back. My experience is that FCPX is far better than the previous Final Cut.
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