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How do I find out what I'm doing in a package ? v$sql ? etc.

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I'm running Linux and trying to find out at what point a process is at.
It is running a procedure in a package, lets say. Package_main.main(). If I join v$session to any of v$sql,v$sqlarea,v$sqltext all I get is the sql text relating to the "package_main.main()" call. I want to find out what point in the PL/SQL statck the execution is : what view should I be looking at ?
johnnie d

The Best Answer

I believe the problem you are describing has been identified as a design feature for 10g+. I have not spent any time looking at the issue.
If you do not need immediate access but want to see what a session was doing you might be able to turn on sql trace for an active session and then review the trace file after you have allowed the trace to run long enough to capture what SQL is being executed.
Being that all SQL would have a child cursor there should be a way to tie sql from within pl/sql being executed to the session executing the stored code. I just have not looked into this. Maybe someone else has.
HTH -- Mark D Powell --
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