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How do i delete an incorrect e mail on i cloud?

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
hubby spelt our e mail wrong and set it up as the primary Icloud ID, as it's mis spelt I can't verify
I already set up an ID for the correct spelling but it says it's not my primary account?
When I try to edit the mis spelt e mail address to the correct one it says i can't as that one already exists
When i go to edit the correct one to delete it, theres no delete button?
would it work if i misspelt the non primary one and let me correct the primary?

The Best Answer

You can't change the primary email address once created. Your only options are to create a completely new ID and iCloud account, or add an email alias to the existing account (and alias is an extra address, not account, which delivers into the same inbox as the primary address).
Note that new aliases will be only, not (the same is true of the address in a new account) and that at present some people are finding they cannot create aliases because the roll-out of addresses isn't complete.
For details on the use of aliases: