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How do I delete all "songs that can not be located" at one time?

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In trying to move my music files around from drive to drive in my computer, I messed up somehow (I don't know what I'm doing, exactly and am just making things up as I go along)....but long story short, I now have duplicates of most of the songs in my music library. With each set of duplicates, there is one music file that plays fine and is "located" to the new drive (where I was trying to move everything) AND a duplicate of that music file that "cannot be located". My ultimate goal is to just delete all the duplicate titles that can't be found. Is there a way to group them all together more easily that using the Ctrl key to hunt and peck then delete them in chunks? Help!! Thanks!

The Best Answer

Using a playlist to collect dead tracks.
Create new regular playlist – Playlist1
Select whole library and drag to Playlist1
Create new Smart Playlist with the rule: Playlist is not Playlist1
Live updating checked – after you run it, uncheck live updating or you may not be able to delete tracks.
This playlist should contain all the dead tracks ready for deletion
Or you can use a Robert Jacobson script - iTunesremovenotfound at:
The playlist method doesn't work on large libraries - iTunes get indigestion.