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How do i confirm data is "backed up" on external Hard Drive?

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I'm a PC user so i hope i'm doing this right....Christmas present for my wife's MacBook Pro, I purchased a Seagate 1Tb external hard drive. Pretty simple.  Connected it, and Time Machine takes over and backs up automatically via the USB connection.
Except that when i click on time machine, i'm not really convinced that the external HD has everything backed up that it should.  Specifically, when i open Time Machine, i am unable to view photos on iPhoto.  This is my wife's greatest concern.  Please help, and thank you.

The Best Answer

Yeah, I use Windows on bootcamp for both my Imac and my Macbook Pro.
In fact, seeing as my Mac partition on my external hard drive was successful i.e. I installed and can boot from them any time I like, couldn't I just use the external hard drive's partitions' bootcamp assistant and install/boot windows on there?