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How do I completely wipe out old email account info?

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I periodically have problems with my ATT email account and it quits downloading incoming mail to MacMail. ATT swears it is not their problem even though it isn't happening with any other email account but ATT. I don't have problems sending mail.
In the past I have fixed it by deleting the old account and going through adding it back as a "new" account to set it up again. In the past the 'Add Account' process would take me through setting up the imap mailbox and server, then go to the smtp setup. I have had to do this numerous times in the past - every few months.
But this time the first "Add Account" screen already displayed the email address (even though I deleted the account). And as soon as the imap info was entered the "Add Account" process appeared to complete the smtp setup automatically as it displayed the completed screen.
After that MacMail went through what appeared to be the downloading of emails into my inbox (several thousand of them). The bar in the "Mail Activity" area in the lower left corner continued to move across and the number of emails remaining was displayed.
In spite of that, the emails never showed up in my inbox. Oddly, the "Notes" from my iPhone (which are sent to my email automatically) were downloaded - just not any of the emails. I can send emails.
The ATT webmail is still showing all the emails and I can send and receive from webmail. I just can't download into MacMail.
It appears that somewhere in all the system stuff my Mac is retaining some ATT information and pulling that information instead of starting from scratch and truly setting it up as a new account. Where is all that old infor stored and how do I completely get rid of it?
Oddly, at the same time I was having the problems with my Mac, my iPhone stopped downloading ATT email as well. I was able to fix that by deleting the account and setting up again.

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All of a sudden now - two whole days later - all the emails have finally appeared. I have no clue what is going on.