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How can TO be automatically be created in transaction LP10?

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Good day to everyone!
Please kindly help me with my issue? We are running transaction LP10 (material staging) and to automatically create a TO, we put a check on Create transfer order checkbox. But still, no transfer order is being created.
Does anyone know if there is an additional setup for this transaction so TO can be created? Because the problem happens only for a particular username. If another username is used, TO is being created. Is there a partucular role that needs to be added to this user?
Thanks. Hope someone can help me.

The Best Answer

Hi BJ,
Can you check the error triggered when the auto TO creation triggered with the problematic user(s) ? In order to know the error encountered and why the TO creation failed in the background, you should have mail control functionality setup properly. Please see SAP Note 87194 for this. If there is error during the TO creation, the mail recipient will be informed. Based on the error message you receive via mail, you can then correct the error and then the TO creation should be possible.
Let me know how you are getting on this.