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How can I get a refund from another country that does not have an Apple Store?

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While going to the US for the summer, I went to the San Francisco Apple Store.
I saw the Apple Gift Cards, and I was wondering if they would work on my Taiwan Apple ID, so I bought a $25 gift card and a 4 cards bundle pack each with $10 inside.
But then now, coming back to Taiwan, I realised the gift cards was only valid for US users so I asked for support from Apple
and this is what they replied:
I understand that you are unable to redeem the gift card to your account, the card purchased in another country. I know you must be eager to get this issue resolved at the earliest. I can do my best to help you.
Jonathan, I'm sorry to inform you that, iTunes Gift Cards are only redeemable in the iTunes Store for the country that is listed on the back of the card. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
This did not help me at all...
There is only resellers in Taiwan, so there is no way I could get a refund from Taiwan
so what should I do in order to get my money back?
Or in other ways, an exchange upon other Apple products?

The Best Answer

I have now got an openoffice which I got from the internet. But the main thing is I paid £20.99 for this app and It is irriatting that the people who work for apple havent got back to me when I first reported a problem. I reported to them again and hoping that they will eventually get back to me.