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How can I disable incesant rambling alarm "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading" in FF17?

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In using FF 17.0.1 in a WinXP/SP3 notebook (Acer) while traveling abroad I get unrelenting rambling and totally inconsequential display alarms "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." The page in question looks perfectly fine and there is NO problem whatsoever in its display. The only problem is this annoyingly useless alarm, which forces the screen display to the tab where the supposed error occurred when one is in a different tab -- in a couple of instances, this absolutely unnecessary, forced jump to a different tab has made me lose data being entered in a different tab.
The notebook is extremely lean in its booting process -- no shared DLLs preloaded; no crapware; limited essential start-ups; trimmed unused or irrelevant services. The alarm occurs:
(1) with FF and the OS in either normal or safe mode (i.e., both safe mode, both normal mode, or one safe mode and the other normal mode);
(2) using different Western European ISPs;
(3) using different DNS servers (either default European ones, or manually selected top-tier U.S. servers);
(4) and with a number of different web pages (such as many in sites of news organizations) but not in all pages (for instance, none of the different Google server pages).
The alarm does NOT occur browsing the same pages with either Chrome, Opera or IE.
I have not been able to find a clearly marked entry for such an alarm in about:config, and am weary of start changing alarms settings blindly. The text of this alarm is not found in firefox.exe so it must be in one of its associated libraries. Given that this alarm is COMPLETELY WORTHLESS, especially in its manic wanton conditions, can some one give me an informed opinion on how to disable it? TIA

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Thanks for responding, David. Using <Esc> and <CtrlW> might reduce the time in returning to the other tab, but does little when the triggering of a wanton alarm is very frequent. The connections I have used were extremely reliable and fast. I am using at this moment a 54 Mbps WiFi connection that lives up to its ratings in downloading & uploading data; yet, as shown in the attached image, I still get this worthless alarm. I do not know if this problem happens with my regular ISP since I have been using this tiny notebook only when traveling -- will test that once I am back mostly for curiosity, but even then if then the alarm were not triggered this would be of little consolation, since other browsers do not have the problem right now).
As a moderator, I urge you to ask the Mozilla-powers-to-be why there is no way to turn off the alarm with, say, a true/false switch in about:config (mind you, there is still old-versions junk in this config list, so it isn't we are talking about amending the constitution). Complains about this fugly alarm can be traced in the web as far back as 2010 at least. Besides, what is the advantage of the alarm for the average user? When FF users are still posing amazingly basic questions in forums of Firefox or Mozilla support, such an alarm ought to be _off_ by default and should be an option of advanced settings menu. This annoyance shows how much the critical focus on keeping a simple GUI uncluttered by trivial or higher-level messages still needs to evolve for Firefox, which I have used it since it was known a Firebird. Guess will have to switch to Chrome now while abroad.
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