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Hotmail/intel duo core

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Has anyone successfully downloaded the plugin for hotmail in mail on the new intel duo core and managed to get it to work?
v grateful for any advice on how to do this. i have installed the plugin but it doesn't seem to be recognised in the options for account set up.
iMAC intel duo core 17"   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

The Best Answer

I don't believe the httpmail plugin is Universal yet which means it runs/works for the on a PowerPC Mac at the present time only.
An Intel Mac includes Rosetta which is a translation process that runs a PowerPC binary on an Intel-based Macintosh computer—it allows applications to run as nonnative binaries.
For the Intel based (which should be Universal), try selecting run as a PowerPC binary (which requires Rosetta) using Get Info for the application via the Finder.
This should allow the httpmail plugin to work.