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Hide "Filters" & "Settings" in a Web template 0ANALYSIS_PATTREN

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
  In 0ANALYSIS_PATTREN template on far right hand side i have 2 options "Filters" & "Settings" as per my requirment i created BUTTONS to replace those 2
Now how can i hide "Filters" & "Settings" on far right hand side....i just want to hide them from display not to delete them as i used their functionality in Buttons

The Best Answer

can u make me a bit clear about your requirement.
What i understood is you want to hide "Filters" & "Settings" when you click on the buttons which you created or do u want to hide them by default and need to show when u click on the corresponding button??
If u just want to hide these two by default then,
select both the items "Filters" & "Settings" and in the properties section
go to web item properties tab
and change the property "VISIBILITY" to "HIDDEN".
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