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[Guide] Windows 8.1 PRO RTM clean install on Yoga 13 from a USB Stick

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Hello everyone,
I recently installed Windows 8.1 Pro RTM successfully so I thought it may be useful to share the steps here.
Disclaimer: Please proceed with caution. I'm not responsible for any gain, loss, or harm done to you, your device, or your data.
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1- Windows 8.1 RTM ISO image. (Available on the internet)
2- Windows 8 Pro license key. (Yes, It works with 8.1 also)
3- Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool
4- Lenovo Yoga 13 Windows 8 Drivers
5- USB Stick or HDD with at least 4GB space. (Note: All data on disk will be erased)
1- Important: Take a full backup of HDD.
2- Plugin the USB disk then open Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.
3- Point to WIN8.1 ISO image path and wait for the wizard to finish.
4- After the wizard completes succefully, keep the USB stick plugged in and then restart the device in UEFI mode.
( + C -> Settings -> General -> Advanced -> Restart now -> Use a device -> USB UEFI Device).
5- It shall boot from the USB device and begin Windows setup wizard.
6- Specify the preferred language and enter the license key and choose advanced installation.
7- In disk allocation wizard, delete partitions with the following labels: LENOVO, WINRE_DRV, SYSTEM_DRV
(Warning: Don't erase partition labeled PBR_DRV as this will erase the Lenovo recovery drive).
8- Select the resulted unallocated space (should be around 106 GB) and click next.
9- Now wait until Windows completes installation.
10- Customize Windows, install Windows drivers downloaded earlier and restore your backup.
11- Voila, shall you encounter any problems don't hesitate to ask me.
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The Best Answer

Sorry, forgot to mention that in order to boot from UEFI the flash drive must be formatted as FAT32. Windows USB and DVD tool supports only NTFS, So after creating the bootable image, copy all the files from the flash drive to the HDD then format the flash drive as FAT32 then copy the files back from the HDD to the flash drive. The flash drive will still be bootable.