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Guest account and auto log out

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I will be using Snow Leopard machines in a computer lab with guest accounts. However, I've read that when the idle timer ticks over, the dialog box confirming the Guest account's files will be deleted comes up and does not time out (like a normal account would).
So the machines never auto log out. In an environment where most users don't log off to protect their privacy, this is an annoying problem.
Is this still an issue? Is there a way to turn off that dialog box confirming logout? Or some other way to get my Guests to auto log off?

The Best Answer

it would actually be pretty easy to create a automator script that runs a bash script like "sudo exit" which would then prompt for the password of a admin.
i also did a quick google search and found these:
the second one will probably be more helpful but hopefully this little nudge will help out.