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Goods movement in Confirmation IW42,

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Hai all PM gurus,
I have activated the back flush indicator in the Material master record.I have maintained the components in the task list also.In the maintenace plan for that the particular task list, the componetns also copied - flagged the check box back flush indicator manually in the components screen. While doing confirmation by IW42, the goods movements are not posted?. In the components over view screen also, the material is not copied?. What might be the problem?. Any configuration required.

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how you came to know the goods movement has not posted.while confirming definitely it will show message as confirmed and goods movement posted.
kindly read the sap definition for ALL components
All components on goods movements overview
Specifies that in the goods movements overview, all components are to be displayed that are assigned to the operation in question. The system posts the withdrawal of all components displayed in the overview as a backflush.
You use this indicator to decide which components are displayed in the overview for individual time confirmation:
If you set the indicator, the system displays all the components regardless of whether or not the backflushing indicator is set for the component in the order.
If you do not set the indicator, the system only displays the components for which the backflushing indicator is set.
In addition, the material produced appears in the goods movements overview if it is to be placed into stock using an automatic goods receipt. You specify whether or not an automatic goods receipt is to take place in Customizing for the operation control key or in the production scheduling profile.
The indicator has no influence on the overall completion confirmation.
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    Hai all PM gurus, I have activated the back flush indicator in the Material master record.I have maintained the components in the task list also.In the maintenace plan for that the particular task list, the componetns also copied - flagged the check

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