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God example of DMS integration in the SD/MM/PP area??

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I wonder if anyone has a good example of how to use the DMS object connection to the SAP logistic processes? Is it possible to create a object link and then have this link copied between a material and an order? Please give me some good examples of how to take advantage of the document management system and the ERP system.
Would it be possible to do this for example?
Letu2019s say that you manufacture and sell kitchens. You have a vendor that manufacture customized sinks.
1.     You get an order from your customer and he also sends you a drawing of the sink.
2.     You receive the drawing and create a DIR.
3.     You connect it to the order.
4.     Would it be possible to automatically create a connection to the purchase order and send the document to the vendor? Is there any functionality to support this type of functionality?
Iu2019m also interested in the following scenario
You have a drawing connected to a material and then you create a purchase order or a production order with this material. Is it then possible to get a connection from the document to the PO or ProdOrder automatically?
Best Regards Kristoffer P

The Best Answer

DMS can be linked to other R/3 modules through Object linking which as per standard availablity has to be done by an user..
the requirement as per you need some developments in order to function automatically..
Thank You,
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