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Given the size and of the iPad Mini Wider is better. Why don't Apple design the next iPhone to be a bit wider?

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After using one of the competition's wide screen phone, I found myself using it more then my iPhone. Though it wasn't as good of a user experience as my iPhone, the wider viewing display grabbed my attention. Viewing video content on their wider phones, sadly is much better in my opinion. The reason, the content that display at an 16x9 ratio. Wider is the way to go, truth to this is found in Reviews regarding the new iPad mini. The iPad mini has been said to have a perfect size screen when viewing content and playing Multitouch games. It has a better screen resolution as compared to it competitor. The iPad 3 and 4 have gorgeous Retina displays. Why not have a wider iPhone that's both thin and wider so we can enjoy our digital media we've purchased from Apple to have that same comfort level we get from the iPad? Having a display to be available at a resolution that's at a 16x9 Ratio is better regarding content. I love the iPhone, we need to finally go wider on the iPhone. Content viewing is being effected by the screen size on such a magnificent device. If Apple posted up a vote regarding their content displayed on their iOS devices, I'm sure people would agree that the resolution found on the iPad and iPad mini are much superior when viewing Apple's video content then from what you get from both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Not because they are smaller, it's the width of the screen then the mire size. Apple's video content is around about an 16x9 ratio as like most if not all of the content found on iTunes and the Apps store. I've found myself wanting an iPad mini as a substitute to my iphone. Wider viewing is best for Apple's video content, working documents and game play. I would surely be happier with a wider screen phone then to travel with both devices to be able to enjoy my media.

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I don't know why you wasted your time and bothered to post this in a user to user technical forum.
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