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Gif not animating when on the Internet

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Hopefully some one can help as I have tried everything i can
think of
I have create a animation using Flash 8 I have exported this
as a Animated gif to my computer. I can open the file and it
animates fine on my pc. When i upload to myspace it does not
I have tried downloading a random gif from the net and
uploading it to myspace and this animates (Just wanted to check
Myspace works with gifs)
The problem only appears to be with animations I have made.
I have tried making a really small animation (about 110kb)
then uploading it to myspace but again it doesnt animate (so its
not a size issue)
Flash - I have tried exporting movie as a gif and publishing
as a gif. The Animation has been made using motion tweed and not an
action script and I have tried every combination of gif option i
can think of i.e loop animation, loop twice, changing the frame
rate, size , colours, transarency etc
Please help as im so confused as to why this doesnt work.

The Best Answer

Perhaps Safari isn't quite what you require, too much work involved all the time making it easier to see
Take a look at my customized Firefox:
it always opens to the same size window (or full screen if you like)
it always zooms all web pages 160% (or whateve you like)
it always has large type on the menu bar area. (to whatever you like)
it's very highly customizable,  (or use the plain default settings)
has more add-ons than anyone (a real plus when you need it)
has more themes and personas than anyone (make it YOUR browser)
Easier surfing option for hard of seeing users
Safari is about the absolute worst browser since Internet Explorer, it's because Apple has already got your money so there isn't any incentive for them to make a better browser.
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