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Getting GIMP 2.8 to work more like 2.6

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There's been a lot new features that change the way gimp works with the new upgrade. Some of them just take some getting used to, but there is one 'feature' that is driving me absolutely nuts.
GIMP keeps forgetting/re-setting the mode I have set for my selection tools. It does it without fail whenever a single undo is made (even if changing the mode was not the action to be undone) and seemingly for a few other reasons as well I haven't quite figured out.
I have looked through the settings, but I can't find out a way to change this. Does anyone have an idea how to turn off this 'feature'?

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b9anders wrote:Almost. The modes that get reset for me in the selection tools are the 'add/substract/intersect with current selection' buttons. It keeps re-setting to 'replace current selection' everytime I press undo.
Ooh, I didn't even know those buttons existed. Cool buttons.
I am not seeing the same behaviour that you're seeing. The mode I select stays selected, regardless if I change tools, undo, and close the GIMP. Which might be because of this:
Procyon wrote:For me it also forgets lots of settings when I restart (but they stay after Undo): things like brush settings, font settings, etc...
I think what you're describing is one of my favorite options, that comes disabled (for some reason) by default:
Preferences -> Tool Options -> Save tool options on exit
Does that help?
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