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Georgian Font Automatically Converting to English Characters

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
We recently downloaded a Russian and Georgian font and attempted to use them in Adobe Illustrator CS3 on Mac OS X 10.5. When we use the fonts they automatically convert to English characters.
How do we get the fonts to appear in Georgian characters?
We also tested the fonts on a Windows computer using Fireworks 8 and the fonts appear fine. So perhaps its just a setting issue in Illustrator.
Thanks for any info.

The Best Answer

Two things I believe you have to do n a mac on is to go to the system preferences and chose International and enable the language you want in the input tab then I think in this case you can go to the type panel and have the options show and then at the bottom choose the language I assume Russian. Not certain the second part is necessary.
Make certain of course you first select the georgian font you have installed before inputting.
I hope this helps.