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Gen_bridge_metadata & CUDA

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I recently switched to OSX and as a pythoneer, I'm amazed to what extent Python is supported on OSX. Thanks so much for that, keep it coming.
I'm interested to see if I can generate a ScriptingBridge to the CUDA libs.
Thing is that CUDA doesnt have a .framework, so its a little harder.
I tried running the following command in the /include directory CUDA:
brutus:include jelleferinga$ ls
__cudaFatFormat.h cuda_runtime.h math_functions.h
builtin_types.h cudaruntimeapi.h mathfunctions_dblptx1.h
channel_descriptor.h cufft.h mathfunctions_dblptx3.h
common_functions.h device_functions.h sm11_atomicfunctions.h
crt devicelaunchparameters.h sm12_atomicfunctions.h
cuComplex.h device_types.h sm13_doublefunctions.h
cublas.h driver_functions.h texturefetchfunctions.h
cuda.h driver_types.h texture_types.h
cudaGL.h host_config.h vector_functions.h
cudad3d9interop.h host_defines.h vector_types.h
cudaglinterop.h math_constants.h
brutus:include jelleferinga$ genbridgemetadata -p *.h
Compiler flags need to be provided for non-framework targets.
Usage: genbridgemetadata [options] <headers...>
Use the `-h' flag or consult genbridgemetadata(1) for help.
brutus:include jelleferinga$
Since I'm compiler-challenged (I blame fellow dutchman Guido) even compiler flags are a no-go area for me. Seriously, it could be very interesting to see if this could work. Together with complementary projects ( ctypes, PyCuda ) this could be interesting.
I would much appreciate if you could point me in the direction to generate this ScriptingBridge.
Much appreciated,

The Best Answer

I figured out how to turn off the metadata window - in Preferences, Thumbnails, de-select "Show Tool tips".  Mark Weidman