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Func. Module - RH_EDITOR_SET giving Short Dump

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hello ,
I am using a container in my proogram.While running this my program calls this function module and then it is giving a shortdump.The short text of that dump says "Exception condition "INTERNAL_ERROR" raised."
the dump is coming at the line:
  163     CALL METHOD control_tab-ctrl_new->set_text_as_r3table
  164       EXPORTING
  165         table           = lines[]
  166       EXCEPTIONS
  167         error_dp        = 1
  168                        error_dp_create = 2.
  169     IF sy-subrc <> 0.
>>>>>       RAISE internal_error.
  171     ENDIF.
  172   ENDIF.
While calling this function module i am passing these parameters.
      REPID       = SY-CPROG "program name
      DYNNR       = '0100' "screen number
      CONTROLNAME = VAR " name of the custom control on screen
      MAX_COLS    = COL "variable value = 85
      MAX_LINES   = 10
      DISPLAY_MODE = ' '
      SHOW_TOOL = ' '
      LINES       = IT_LINES_CR. " table type TLINE
The strange thing is that this works fine in 4.6c but is giving a dump in ECC 6.0
Can u please tell me what is the problem.
Thanks in advance.

The Best Answer

There are lot of changes happened between 4.6C and ECC 6.0. so make sure about the dump analysis.
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