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From Leopard back to Tiger

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Odd question to ask I know but have experienced some problems since upgrading to Leopard, one being that my Superdrive no longer burns DVD's!! This appears to be an ongoing thing judging by some threads I've seen and I can't really afford to be going out and buying an external DVD burner! How easy should it be to go back to Tiger?
Thanks for any help

The Best Answer

Yes, you can do the same as you did previously, with one exception. When you were installing Leopard you were going forward with a newer OS X version.
However, your Mac will block you from installing backwards unless you click the "Options" button at the bottom of the Destination selection screen early in the install process. You will then need to choose the type of install you will be doing, or you will need to choose to erase everything on the hard drive - Leopard and all else. Otherwise, your Mac will block you from accidentally going backwards with OS X by mistakenly using an older install disc, the result of which would be to destroy a more current OS X system.
If you have files you want/need to save from the Leopard hard drive, you should burn them to disc, copy them onto another Mac or onto an external hard drive, or copy to some other backup. If none of those are possible and you have enough empty space on your internal hard drive to keep everything on it now AND also install Tiger, you can use your Tiger install disc to "archive and install" a new OS X Tiger along side your current OS X Leopard folder. Afterwards, you would be able to move your files from the archived Leopard folder to the new Tiger folder.
If you proceed without noticing the "Options" button, and see the "Customize" button at the bottom of the "Easy Install" screen, you have passed the screen where the "Options" button was, and you need to back up to the previous page to access it. Once you have made an "Options" selection, you will have removed the OS X block and you will be able to proceed with the install of Tiger.
If you choose to Archive and Install - once you have Tiger installed and setup the way you need and have moved all your files over to the fresh Tiger system, you can then throw into the trash the archived folder containing your unwanted Leopard system. Once you then empty your trash, Leopard will be gone, and you will have back the hard drive space.