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Form XObject not displaying in Acrobat Reader

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I've written a PDF library that from what I can tell follows the PDF Specification. However no matter how hard I try, I can't figure out why I'm not getting Form XObject with a content stream to display inside another page. There isn't really a good example in the PDF Specification, and i've been unable to locate a PDF online that uses this feature.
The only reference I am aware of having required to the XObject is in the page's resources, where it is given a name. I then just apply a transform and then perform a Do graphics operation. Everything in the specification states that should do the job; BUT the specification never actually shows the complete use of a form, just how its created. The rest I have peiced together from using Image XObjects.
Any ideas as to what is wrong? Acrobat displays no error messages, just an empty page.
Here are snipets of what my library generates.:
%form xobject
12 0 obj
<< /Type /XObject
/Subtype /Form
/FormType 1
/BBox [ 0 0 1100 850]
/Resources << /ProcSet [ /PDF ] >>
/Length 75 >>
10 10 m
990 10 l
0 0 0 RG
0 0 0 RG
0.5 0 0 rg
100 100 50 50 re
% page object
8 0 obj
<< /Type /Page
/Parent 1 0 R
/Resources << /XObject << /XOBJF1 12 0 R >> >>
/MediaBox [ 0 0 1100 850 ]
/Contents 7 0 R
/PZ 100 >>
%page content stream object
7 0 obj
<< /Length 63 >>
816 0 0 612 100 100 cm %transform ignored
1100 0 0 850 0 0 cm

The Best Answer

Wow, thanks guys.
Leonard, amazing. I had tried a 1 0 0 1 0 0 matrix before with no success, but changing that this time worked. I'm stumped, of course when you change alot of things at once to try to find a problem you can often overlook a fix.
The first transform actually is ignored, now that its fixed i tried it with and without that transform; its ignored because I push and pop the stack (normally I display a test image xobject in there, but while trying to figure out this form problem I disabled the image output)
Thanks again, I spent several days looking over the insides of countless PDFs trying to find a good example of form xobjects.
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